All these global trends in renewable energy are making history

The market for green and inexhaustible sources of energy is thriving much more than ever, and the developments listed below could genuinely change our life in the not therefore distant future.

An avenue of option sources which has just recently been thought about on a large scale is that of tidal energy, that is, energy which is collected from the movement of the waves. Although it may have been downplayed in the past, it may very well be the future of renewable energy in the world, with newfound interest from companies and investors alike. Because of the financial assistance of the Wave Energy Scotland fund, for instance, there is an active encouragement for the development of even more efficient methods to get power from sea waves, with emerging trends in renewable energy, whether it be from the movement of water currents through turbines, or by making use of the difference in potential power when two adjacent bodies of water are at differing levels.

Looking into the renewable energy growth projections, it is understandable how the development of brand-new avenues in the sector holds major promise for the future. Solar power, for instance, has experienced a few considerable breakthroughs in the last few years, becoming even much more flexible and available, from household applications to incorporation into nationwide grids. With some figures like Energias de Portugal’s activist investor being openly interested and supportive in this industry, the future of renewable energy from a global perspective is, no doubt, an optimistic one. New breakthroughs in the field are even contemplating the selection of sun rays in outer space, as a result of improved connectivity that would be equipped to transmit energy back to Earth: as the sun constantly radiates in space, with no change between day and nighttime, it would mean a far more stable cycle of energy generation, without the challenges of the Earth's revolution.

One of the primary types of renewable energy sources that first spring up in one’s head when talking about the question is surely wind energy. With its tall generators, the facilities for this specific kind of power generation are frequently found in country side settings, marking the horizon of quiet fields: however, in an age that is becoming increasingly more urbanised, large figures in the field actually have developed a brand-new idea in terms of where to put such major systems with no limit on the space that they take up. In fact, a new project supported by the Ørsted shareholders has recently started to create electricity from a wind farm positioned in the middle of the ocean, taking advantage of the strong winds found offshore, and genuinely showcasing the efficiency of renewable energy sources, in what will turn out to be the largest sea-based wind farm on the entire planet.

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